binaural previews

The sound of the previews on this website has been converted to binaural stereo. This is done by applying special filters that shape and delay the sound the same way a pair of human ears would do it. Depending on the location of each acoustic source the sound is filtered and delayed accordingly. So if you use headphones for listening you will be able to get a realistic impression of the spatial aspects of each sound. At the same time the previews also work on normal stereo speakers, sounding like stereo audio.

To offer you sounds with highest fidelity the stereo versions of the sounds you can purchase on this website are NOT converted to binaural audio.

The previews are also watermarked and less dynamic and louder than the hi-resolution files you will purchase.

Be aware that binaural audio doesn't work equally good for every listener. Each human head is slightly different than the other. The used filters are only an approximation to an average human head and may differ from your own individual filtering, depending on ear shape and size of your head.

The BERLIN AMBISONICS LIBRARY by rekordersonics is the first collection on the market with ambisonics soundscapes, atmospheres and sound effects strongly related to the one of the most popular cities in the world: Berlin.

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The collection contains sounds that are unmistakably connected to Berlin and which are only possible there. Additionally it contains some generic sounds and atmospheres that can be used in general for illustrating.

And in case you don't always create 360° content we also added a stereo version and a 5.1 surround version for each sound, so you can use them for just any purpose.

about ambisonics

Today 360° videos are more popular than ever. now you can watch movies while looking into the direction you want, at any time you want. especially with VR devices it is a great experience. 

But while you are able to LOOK into a certain direction, you would also want to be able to HEAR into that direction. That's where "spatial audio" comes in. The technology is already supported by youtube, Facebook and many of the available VR devices. It uses a method called ambisonics. 

An ambisonics recording not only contains the sound itself, but also the directional information (vector) of every sound event. That way you are able to (re-)create a 3D sound field and in addition set the focus to a certain direction as much as you like - in realtime - while you are watching the movie. 

Using only a conventional (e.g. stereo) soundtrack with no directional information the sound field around you would just constantly move along with your head movement. with ambisonics the sound field stays in place, letting you move inside of it and letting you hear what you see. So when you are producing content for 360° videos you should make sure to use ambisonics audio files in order to create a realistic and immersive 3D-experience.

out roots

rekordersonics is part of the Berlin based studiocomplex rekorder studios. For many years we are creating highly professional audio productions. In the center of Berlin-Kreuzberg and with first class service. since 2003.

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Take a look at the rekorder studios website www.rekorder.berlin to discover more.

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